NFC Composite decking piece 2500x150x27 mm Peygran

Floating NFC decking planks are a very versatile solution, composed of 50% vegetable fibers (rice husks), which means that they do not come from the felling of trees, but come from the reuse of by-products of the cultivation of cereals and so it is 100% recyclable. We can say that it is the ecological evolution of WPC.


We lay out the surface and place the Plots at the appropriate distance: According to the desired arrangement of the planks in the decking (recommended distance between plots maximum 60 cm). It is important to arrange everything so that the end joints coincide with the battens.

We lay the battens, assembling the skeleton according to the measurements and weight of the decking. We then proceed to the perfect levelling of the battens.

Start laying the first row of decking boards starting from one corner of the area to be decked. The end joints must always coincide with the battens.

Complete and safe completion of peygran system.

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