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Mapeflex MS45 Mapei MS45 Putty Cartridge

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Mapeflex MS45 is a thixotropic adhesive and sealant made with silane-modified polymers and, therefore, free of silicones and isocyanates.  Read more
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Mapeflex MS45 is a thixotropic adhesive and sealant made with polymers modified with silanes and therefore free of silicones and isocyanates.

Compared to polyurethane formulations, Mapeflex MS45 guarantees easier extrusion and surface smoothing (especially at low ambient temperatures), longer use temperature ranges, no danger of bubble formation even at high humidity, greater compatibility on wet substrates during the laying phase, superior UV resistance, faster surface hardening, better preservation and the use of the usual plastic cartridges



  • Compared to neutral silicone formulations, Mapeflex MS45 offers greater adhesion to compact or absorbent construction substrates, a drastic reduction in surface dust pick-up, greater mechanical resistance to traction and shear. It can be painted with the usual elastomeric construction paints. We recommend prior tests to verify the compatibility between the adhesive and the paint.
  • Mapeflex MS45 complies with EN 15651-1 ("Sealants for facade elements") with F-EXT-INT-CC performance and EN 15651-4 ("Sealants for pedestrian walkways") with PW-EXT-INT-CC performance.
  • Mapeflex MS45 is solvent-free, has a very low emission of volatile organic substances (EC1 R Plus according to the GEV Institut) and is characterized by high mechanical strength according to ISO 11600 (class F20 HM)
  • Mapeflex MS45 can be applied even on substrates that are temporarily damp due to non-ideal exposure conditions (recent rain, contact with water, atmospheric humidity...); in case of continuous humidity due to capillary rising, use Primer FD beforehand. In case of application on wet substrates or substrates continuously subjected to immersion, the mechanical performance of the product could be significantly lower compared to a dry operation.
  • Mapeflex MS45 hardens thanks to the reaction with the humidity of the air, without any significant emission of liquid or gaseous substance dangerous for the user or the environment: for this reason, it does not require safety labeling on its packaging. The product is ready for use and is available in plastic cartridges for application by means of the usual extrusion guns.


  • Do not use on dusty or friable surfaces
  • Do not use on dusty or friable surfaces.
  • Do not use on surfaces soiled with oil, grease or release agents, which could impede adhesion.
  • Do not use on bituminous surfaces where there is the possibility of oil exudation
  • Do not use on bituminous surfaces where there is the possibility of oil exudation.
  • Do not apply Mapeflex MS45 at temperatures below +5° C.
  • In case of painting, previously verify the compatibility of the paint with the sealant.
  • In case of transparent seals, use Mapeflex MS Crystal.



Mapeflex MS45 is specifically formulated for sealing expansion, joint and fractionation joints on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. It is also recommended for elastic bonding between all the most common construction materials, whether of the same or different nature, both indoors and outdoors, in replacement or integration of mechanical fasteners.

Some examples of application

Used as a sealant:


  • Sealing of expansion, joint or fractionation joints subject to movements of up to 20% of the average joint width. The most frequent applications may be in:
    • traditional facades
    • ventilated facades
    • floors of residential and industrial buildings, including those subject to heavy vehicle traffic
    • floorings of residential and industrial buildings, including those subjected to heavy vehicle traffic
    • carpentry
    • cracks and fissures
    • cracking and fissures
    • paintable joints
    • flashings
    • metal roofing and metalwork
    • metalwork

Used as an elastic adhesive:


Applied in a thickness of up to 3 mm it elastically bonds all building materials, including many plastic materials.

Applied in a thickness of up to 3 mm it elastically bonds all building materials, including many plastic materials.

The high adhesion without primer and its rapid polymerization allow Mapeflex MS45 to be used easily and simply in the assembly of building components and in the bonding of finishes and construction details, both indoors and outdoors. It adheres without a primer on:

  • cement and derivatives
  • Ceramic bricks
  • Steel.
  • steel
  • copper
  • aluminum
  • painted surfaces in general
  • general painted surfaces
  • glass and mirrors
  • plaster
  • wood and derivatives
  • wood and derivatives
  • ceramic and clinker
  • ceramics and clinker
  • insulating materials in general
  • insulating materials in general
  • many plastic materials



Used as a sealant:


According to joint dimensions.



Joint dimensions in mm Linear meters with 300 ml cartridge

5x5 12

10x10 3

15x10 2

20x10 1,5

25x12,5 0,9

30x15 0,6

Employed as adhesive:

Depending on the gluing method used (bead or dot gluing).


  • White, gray 113 and brown.




  • Cartridge of 300 ml
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