Electric Saws

At Brikum we have different electric saws and jigsaws from the prestigious brands Worx, Makita and Black&Decker. In this section you can find compact models of corded or battery-powered saws, with Autoselect system (speed selection and pendulum action), Soft Load system (soft load) or Makstar technology (lithium-ion) for high-precision cuts in materials such as wood, steel or aluminium.

With power ratings from 400 W to 720 W, our range of electric saws and jigsaws offer great features, such as a dust extraction system to keep the work area clean, blade change without additional tools, pendulum feed in different positions or electronic speed control.

These power tools offer DIY enthusiasts a high level of safety for sawing and jig sawing tasks at home, in the garden or in the workshop.  

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