Ladders, tables and stools

At Brikum, you can find all kinds of ladders and stools, in all types of materials, both wood and aluminium ladders and all types of ladders, telescopic, scissor, extendable and with different options of steps and heights. In Brikum, we work our ladders and stools with the brand Svelt, a reference in the market of trestles and ladders for more than 50 years. The Svelt ladders that you will find on the Brikum website are designed for DIY use as well as for professional use. It is always useful to have a ladder at home to be able to reach those high places; thanks to their ergonomic design, Svelt ladders are comfortable and at the same time, they respect all the safety measures established by the EN131 certificate. Among its main features are the anti-slip rungs, the anti-opening safety strap, the anti-slip rubber pads and the use and maintenance manual. Don't hesitate and visit to find out about the best ladders on the market. Valoraciones con

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