Water pump

At Brikum we have a wide range of water pumps for irrigation, drainage or domestic supply. Ideal gardening machinery for watering allotments, parks and gardens, extracting water from wells or tanks, transporting water from one place to another, draining flooded spaces or draining water from the swimming pool.

In this section you will find electric, battery and petrol water pumps from the best brands on the market, with models that are easy to transport, with different powers, capacities and features for clean water, dirty water or both, which maximise and optimise the use of water, a scarce and very valuable natural resource.

In our online shop you can choose from water pumps for dewatering or extraction, surface or suction, submersible, hydraulic, pneumatic, manual, motor pumps and pressure groups for the supply and transfer of water for domestic, agricultural and industrial uses in order to collect and transfer groundwater or wastewater and even take advantage of and reuse rainwater.

Gardening tools for irrigation, pumping and watering

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