Cubo de Goma Italiano Rubi de 10L

Rubi Italian rubber bucket 10 liters

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The Rubi 10-liter Italian rubber bucket is an ideal container for debris removal work. It has a reinforcing ribbed wall and features a practical galvanized steel metal handle. .  Read more


The Rubi 10-litre Italian rubber bucket is a highly productive container for debris removal work, as it facilitates a manipulable and easily manageable load.


This container has a wall with reinforcing ribs and a design in both base and mouth that give it enormous structural robustness to carry all types of tools and debris in construction and renovation work..

Also, the Italian Rubi 10-liter rubber bucket features a galvanized steel metal handle that offers great strength to reduce rust damage.

Rubi-Kanguro's range of Italian model rubber pails are particularly valued for their stability, compact size and easy transport. In addition, their oversized top diameter and limited height make these models very versatile and functional buckets.


Features of the Rubi Italian rubber bucket 10 liters:
  • Container for carrying debris and tools.
  • Excellent resistance to impact, by deformation.
  • Easy waste collection.
  • Galvanized steel metal handle.
  • Easy waste collection.
  • More comfort during use.
  • More comfort during transport.
  • Wall with reinforcing ribs.
  • Wall with reinforcing ribs.
  • Wall with reinforcing ribs.
  • Dimensions: 17x33 cm
  • Capacity: 10 liters
  • Color: black

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